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The Community Center is dedicated to providing our community with quality recreation and educational programs, and is seen as a safe harbor for our youth.

**We have extended all  ACTIVE memberships from our shut-down**


Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight August 2021: Mike Stasak

Mike Stasak has been a member at HTCC since 1998 and is ecstatic that it has finally reopened! He enjoys the relaxed atmosphere at the center along with the friendliness and camaraderie among its members. He likes the set-up and variety of equipment and uses primarily aerobic machines, especially the arc-trainer, fitness bikes, ellipticals and treadmills. He occasionally enrolls in a spinning class as well.

He is also very involved with volunteering for the township- currently the chair person for the Recreation Advisory Board and a member of the Pool Advisory Group.

Mike also volunteers at Lehigh University athletics, First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem and the Eastern PA District Council of the United States Tennis Association.

Speaking of Tennis- he has been a certified tennis instructor here at HTCC since 1998 teaching mostly children’s tennis clinics and private lessons.

When he isn’t working out he enjoys playing tennis, live music, traveling, attending movies & plays, cycling, dining out and most importantly spending time with his family!

Key Phases of our Reopening:

July 19th- Fitness Center ONLY (locker rooms open for access)

July 26th- Parks Program

August 30th- Fall Programming Begins

September 7th- Pre-School re-opens



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Friday (8 AM – 6 PM)

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Sunday- CLOSED

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