Hanover Preschool and the Enrichment Program are proud to present the following testimonials by our current families:

Names have been left out for privacy of our families.

We are thoroughly impressed with the preschool program offered at the Hanover Township Community Center. They provide a safe, engaging and family-oriented environment.

The academic curriculum is age appropriate and fosters a lifelong love of learning. Our son is excited to go to school to learn and play with his friends. The daily crafts and activities he participates in help steward his creativeness and encourages interaction with his classmates.  He has strong admiration for his teachers, and talks about them all the time.  The other families that attend the school are super friendly and make us feel right at home. 

The school routinely sends out weekly newsletters, keeping us abreast of the activities that will be taking place.  They also hold family events that bring everyone together and make us a part of the community.

The staff goes above and beyond in ensuring our son is adequately cared for; especially concerning his severe peanut allergy. The teachers are in constant communication regarding safe snacks and are diligent about checking labels. In addition, they have a nut free facility and require all students to wash their hands upon entering the classroom. The kind and nurturing teachers have made our son feel safe and welcome. Their attention to detail has helped alleviate a worrisome burden that has plagued us since he was 4 months old. Our trepidation has been put to rest by the loving care and concern of all staff members. As a result, we feel confident that we are leaving him in good hands each day. 

We are thrilled to have found this hidden gem.  We look forward to continuing to support the school by sending our children there and participating in the fun family activities.   



We are so thankful to have found the HTCC preschool program. We feel they have helped our daughter blossom and flourish. The staff is always warm and welcoming and you can tell they enjoy being there. I feel they offer a well-rounded curriculum for a preschooler with plenty of learning, art and physical activity. I would recommend this preschool to anyone. We can’t thank the community center enough for providing a fun, safe, and affordable learning environment for our daughter!


We love the HTCC Preschool Program for so many reasons.  The low child to teacher ratio allows the teachers to tailor the curriculum to each child, which means the focus is on the skills each individual student needs to develop – academically, socially, and emotionally.  The patience the teachers exhibit is astounding.  My child feels very comfortable with all of the instructors in the program and asks to stop by the community center on non-school days just to say hi to his teachers.  The play-based learning environment is perfect for young kids.  It’s a great introduction to the learning environment they will face in kindergarten, while still allowing them the freedom to move around the classroom and develop their social skills by playing with their peers.  My child loves the opportunities to go to the gym, the sunshine room, and to explore outside the building.  The teachers do a great job of integrating hands-on learning/exploration to their standard lesson plans.  Additionally, the teachers are all accessible before or after school, or via email, to address any questions that may arise.  This communication is helpful and appreciated!  We love the experience we’ve had with the HTCC preschool program.


“My son has been attending Hanover Township Preschool Programs this past year.  He has attended two preschools before and has always been a very shy child.  He would not talk to the teachers or the kids and would feel uncomfortable when the teachers asked him anything.  He never ate a snack or communicated with anyone.  The teachers in his previous preschools felt very frustrated and would sometimes lose their patience.  However, since the time he came to Hanover it has been a very positive change.  Both his class teachers, Mrs. Anthony and Mrs. Horstmann, have been very cooperative and work with him.  I can’t say enough good things about them.  They are always smiling and happy to be around the kids.  It’s not a job for them; It’s their love for the kids and it shows.  My son has developed a lot mentally and emotionally in the past year.  He feels very comfortable with them and has joined the Kinderclub program also.  I highly recommend this school.  They have a great teacher/student ratio and prepare the kids well for kindergarten.”


“Our son has been through the 3s, 4s, and now finishing up Pre-K.  He participated in Lunch Bunch and Kinderclub as well.  He enjoys the activities and learning atmosphere.  He has made friends and has had great experiences with all his teachers.  He is ready and prepared for Kindergarten thanks to everyone at the pre-school.  We are very happy with the structure, options, and price.  When our next son is old enough, he will be attending pre-school here as well.”


“Hanover Township Preschool Program is an excellent start to get your child ready for school and for them to learn so much more.  Our son has been enrolled in the program for two years and in that time, not only has he learned so much educationally but socially as well.  The teachers work with the students and really get to know them and their personalities.  If a student, like our son, has a hard time adjusting to school, the teachers will work with them and make them feel comfortable and ensure them that mommy/daddy will be coming back to pick them up.  The teachers are so kind and friendly to both the students and the parents and truly make the learning experience fun!  Recently, our son had his Kindergarten registration and they were very impressed with all that our son knew, and we can thank the preschool for so much of what he has learned.  If you are looking for a preschool that will teach your child and also make learning fun, look no further, this is the preschool for your family!  We are so thankful that we made the decision to send him here and we are confident that he is ready to take on Kindergarten! Thank you Hanover Township Preschool!”


“We tried several preschools in the area and our daughter wouldn’t leave our sides, she didn’t feel comfortable in the environment. It was different when we came to Hanover for our tour.  She immediately felt comfortable and welcomed. We knew this was the preschool for her! Throughout our time at Hanover, the teachers and staff have been wonderful and always willing to help in any way. Hanover Preschool is very family oriented. The one thing that our family is extremely pleased with is the opportunity they give the parents to participate in class parties and other activities throughout the year. For us as parents it means the world being able to share those experiences and make memories with our daughter. We have watched our daughter’s social skills, creativity skills, and her general knowledge grow tremendously in the time she has attended the Hanover Preschool.  Overall this was the best choice we could have made for our daughter and we encourage others to choose Hanover Preschool.  You will not be disappointed.”


“We have lived in the Township for several years and had heard great things about the preschool programs, so it was an easy decision to send our son after he turned 3. We could not be happier with his experience after almost a year in the program. Our son loves going to school and always looks forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays when he gets to play with his friends. The teachers are exceptional and it is obvious that they genuinely enjoy working with the children. They are also very responsive, always willing to provide feedback on our son’s progress. Hanover Township Preschool has exceeded our expectations, not just in our son’s education (alphabet, numbers, colors, etc.), but his social skills and motor skills. We are already looking forward to him returning next year and our daughter enrolling in the following years.”


“Hanover Township Preschool has been, and continues to be, such a wonderful experience for our son!  Being a shy and quiet boy, he was tentative at first starting something new, but that quickly changed after meeting his caring teachers and friends. He has grown so much, socially, this year in the 4’s class and we look forward to what the pre-school class will bring next year! Being an elementary school teacher myself, I know that this is the best place to prepare our son for Kindergarten.  The fun projects and amazing work that he comes home with, I know, is getting him ready for his first year of school.  Even more importantly, the friendships and fun he is having makes my heart so very happy. My husband and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the experience we’ve had at Hanover Township Preschool and we are so glad that we found the perfect place, to instill in our child, that love of learning so early in his life.  Thank you all so very much!”


“Our son and daughter attended Hanover Township Preschool for the three’s and four’s programs. They both have a severe peanut allergy, so when we were looking at preschools our main concern was finding one where we felt comfortable and our kids would be safe. They are a completely nut free school and have been great with their allergy. The teachers are careful to check labels, have all the kids wash their hands when they come into the classroom and after snack, know how to administer an EpiPen (thankfully they did not need to), and always checked with us about any foods they were unsure about. It was clear that they really cared about their safety! The other nice thing are the small classes and student/teacher ratio. There are only twelve children in a class and two teachers. They got the socialization we wanted them to have,  in a safe environment, and met some really great kids!”


Hanover Township Preschool has a near and dear place in our hearts as we are there each and every day! Our oldest daughter is enrolled in the Pre-K program, Lunch Bunch, and KinderClub. Our middle daughter participates in the three year old program, and both girls love preschool so much that they come for the fifth day Friday option. The excitement and enthusiasm our girls come home with after spending the day learning is truly incredible. They are so eager to tell the whole family all about the Chinese New Year, Presidents’ Day, the difference between migration and hibernation, sing a song about the letter of the week, count by tens to one hundred, or teach us a new letter in sign language. Mrs. Anthony, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Horstmann, Mrs. Samson, Mrs. Barczynski, and Mrs. Lasko are remarkable! With classrooms filled by busy three, four, and five year olds, these amazing teachers are able to reach each and every learner in their own special way. The teachers at Hanover Township Preschool take an interest in each of their students and guide them along in the learning process with patience, love, and understanding. Students are singing, moving, experimenting, reading, collaborating, listening, and learning in a safe and comfortable classroom environment. Preschool students also rotate through several classroom jobs which helps teach responsibility and leadership skills. We are blessed to have such a wonderful preschool program in our community. We look forward to watching our youngest daughter grow through the Hanover Township Preschool Program when she attends in two years. Our girls have had such a positive first experience with school and learning, and we are beyond grateful for the hard-working, professional, and dedicated teachers who make the Hanover Township Preschool Program what it is for our community’s youngest learners.


“Our family is very happy with Hanover Township Preschool.  The teaching quality and classroom experience is fantastic, but more than anything, we feel so grateful for the sense of community and genuine caring exhibited by everyone who works there.  Our daughter knows all the teachers by name (in her room and others) and looks forward to school every day.  She often says “this is the best school ever!”–and because we have had to move for work, she’s experienced several in her young life.  Another plus is the availability of enrichment hours and activities that we can add to our daughter’s day here and there.  We looked around the area a lot before choosing a preschool, and the flexibility, warmth, expertise, quality, and affordability of HTP is unmatched.”

“I have sent my children to Hanover Township Community Center since 2007.  It goes without saying that our children are the most important things in our lives, so choosing a preschool you feel good about may take time.  I have found HTP to be that place!”

“The atmosphere is fun, caring and friendly.  Two of my children have attended HTP and one had trouble being left at first because of separation anxiety.  In just several weeks, he was practically pushing me out the door!  Teachers were patient and experienced with how to handle this issue. 

“My children have learned so much through play, letters, numbers, reading and art.  Hanover Township preschool is a great place to learn and have fun!”

“In the last two years I have watched my daughter grow emotionally, socially and intellectually with pride.  I would like to thank you and your entire staff for their guidance, compassion, patience and respect that has always been given to me, but most importantly my daughter, Emerson.  Emerson looks forward to her days at school with excitement and enthusiasm; and ALWAYS leaves with a big smile on her face!  (That alone says a lot to me about what she gets out of her morning!)…I would recommend Hanover Township Preschool to anyone with complete confidence of satisfaction.  A big thank you to you and your staff for making Emerson always feel welcome and safe!”


” My daughter loves Hanover Township Preschool! She gives us the complete run down of all the books, activities, and exciting things she learned that day. We love how she has a unique relationship with her teachers; they go above and beyond. My husband and I are both educators and would recommend HTP to anyone looking for a quality Preschool Program!”

“When we signed our 2 year old son up for the young 3’s program at Hanover Township Preschool, we expected a typical twice per week program. We received so much more. Our now 4 year old loves going to school and has developed a close bond with all of the teachers. Our son has only had three of the teachers in his two years there, but knows every teacher in the program as if he’s had them all. I have also come to know each of the teachers. Every time we pick my son up from school, I end up having a conversation with one or more of the teachers, either from his classroom or another. It truly is one big family at HTCC. Not only the teachers, but even the administrative and recreational staff are so friendly. This made it so comfortable for my son to get involved in the affordable recreational activities offered at HTCC. In addition, the convenience of after school care and enrichment activities has become a part of our routine. My son is thrilled when I ask if he’d like to attend “lunch bunch” after school. He treats it as such a privilege! How wonderful it makes us feel when we have a Doctor’s appointment that won’t allow us to pick him up in time from school to know that he can stay at HTCC & play with his friends. Also, summers are so much more interesting now that we have the option for a half-day camp program with teachers my son is already familiar with. We have made many friends the past two years and we are looking forward to another year at Hanover Township as our son enters the pre-k program, among other activities he will participate in at HTCC. Thank you Hanover Preschool!”

“When moving to Hanover Township just over 2 years ago, we enrolled our son into a more expensive school assuming it would be the ideal education &  experience for our son. Unfortunately, he wasn’t making many friends and gave us a difficult time at drop offs. Thankfully, we needed some extra time for work and enrolled him into several days at Hanover Tonwship’s Enrichment program. He had a smile on his face every day at pickup and couldn’t wait to go the next day. This was an extreme difference from the preschool he was attending. After seeing him enjoying the program, we spoke to Hanover Township Preschool’s Director and enrolled him in the preschool program there. We were nervous that it would be a challenge to join a preschool program mid-way through the school year. However, this was not the case. The teachers went out of their way to ensure he was welcomed by everyone and as a result he made friends quickly. Since he was enjoying his new environment, he was learning more too! The best part, Hanover Tonwship Preschool was about 1/3 of the cost of the other Bethlehem preschool! I highly recommend Hanover Township Preschool, the Enrichment program and the preschool activities to any family with preschool kids!”

“Our experience at Hanover Township Preschool has been rewarding and enriching to our children. They have enjoyed going to preschool and have had many good experiences. The teachers are very helpful and accomodating to our requests and needs. They have prepared our children well for kindergarten.”

“We have had the pleasure of three children attend Hanover Twp. Preschool. Our children have attended the young 3’s and the regular 3 classes. These classes were a great introduction to school. The teachers are nurturing and understanding. The program was structured, but allowed time for the children to play with their new-found friends. The fours and pre-K classes not only prepared our children for Kindergarten, but also continued to strengthen their love of school. All the programs at Hanover Twp. Preschool are excellent and they are well-rounded. They have allowed our children to grow and develop both educationally and socially. The teachers are always understanding and knowledgeable. They are always available to answer questions or give advice. Each staff member is caring and fun. You can tell they love being with the children. The experience our children had was an excellent first step for their school career!”

“I wanted to let you know how pleased my family is with Hanover Twp. Preschool. The environment is just so postiive. We have had two kids attend the school and can truly say that is has been such a favorable experience. My younger daughter, who attends the school right now, just loves it. She looks forward to school so much and just can’t wait to go. I would attribute this to her teachers. They are so loving, kind, and patient. They make learning fun and are so creative with the projects they do with the kids.”


We hope you will explore the many opportunities to participate in programming at Hanover Township Community Center! We invite you to become part of our family. For a Hanover Preschool tour contact Patty Williams at 610-317-8704 ext. 104