Aerobic Classes

For an up to date (monthly) Aerobic Schedule please return to homepage and look under “Calendar” for the monthly and most up to date schedule.

Canceled classes will be posted when possible; HTCC reserves the right to cancel or replace scheduled classes when necessary. Please check with your physician before starting any exercise program. Please call 610-317-8701 if you want to check on current schedules. Cancelled classes will be posted in our NEWS website page.

Weather policy: Morning Classes will follow the Bethlehem Area School District schedule- if BASD is cancelled classes are cancelled- no exceptions, if there is a 2 hour delay or a 1 hour delay classes are cancelled. Evening classes will be decided upon weather conditions by 4 pm for cancellations- check the website NEWS section for updates or on HTCC Facebook page. Listed below are descriptions and intensity ratings on the current classes we offer. (Intensity Levels listed in parenthesis on a scale 1-3).

Barre Connect:  a low impact workout designed to improve flexibility, mobility, and balance while increasing strength, improving posture, and conditioning and sculpting the body. It combines the best of 4 primary training methods: dance, yoga, strength training, and cardio.

Beachbody “21 Day Fix” (3): Class has a little of everything including some light weight lifting. Participants only need a light weight and heavier weight.  Participants will be doing a lot of repetitions so both weights will be very light.  The 21 Day Fix’s workouts are: Cardio Fix, Upper Fix, Lower Fix, Total Body Cardio Fix, Yoga Fix, Pilates Fix, Dirty 30, Plyo Fix, 10 Minute Fix for Abs.

BOOM (all 30 minutes in length)

Move it: is a heart healthy, cardio workout featuring dance-style choreography. This fun, high energy dance fitness class is open to beginning exercisers, experienced dancers, and everyone in between. Get ready to hit the dance floor.

Muscle: total-body workout through our unique Muscle conditioning block and action interval formula. Each muscle conditioning block demonstrates exercise progressions and compound exercises, allowing participants to select the intensity and complexity appropriate for their individual fitness levels. Action intervals provide the optipn to alternate muscle conditioning clocks with functional training segments that add cardiovascular, sports conditioning, and coordination and reaction training elements to the workout.

Mind: is flowing mix of yoga, pilates and athletic stretching techniques that improve strength, balance and flexibility through a mind/body/spirit approach. Each exercise begins at the base level and offers progressions to accommodate all participants. The “flow” is easy to follow and transitions smoothly between standing and mat-based work finishing out the workout with a final relaxation segment.

Butts and Guts (3): Exercise to target trouble areas! 30-60 Minutes; High intensity

Cardio (2): Workouts specially designed to increase your heart rate and make you sweat!

Step & Kick Combo (2): combination of kickboxing and stability ball workouts with toning all the number 1 goal.

Gentle/Hatha Yoga (1): is a kind of yoga focusing on physical and mental strength building exercises and postures described primarily in three texts of Hinduism. Class also mixes in flow yoga (stretching, strengthening, releasing stress)

H.I.I.T (3): High-intensity interval training (HIIT), also called high-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIE) or sprint interval training (SIT), is an enhanced form of interval training, an exercise strategy alternating periods of short intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. HIIT is a form of  cardiovascular exercise.

Partner Yoga with Three Waves Wellness & Yoga:

“Get a deeper bend when you practice with a friend.” Join Angela & Amy for this beginner to intermediate class designed to help you explore deeper lower back and hip opening poses. Great for anyone who suffers from lower back pain. Couples, families, and friends welcome! Preregistration is appreciated thru angelagoldstein@gmail.com, $25/single; $40/pair. NOT PAID TO HTCC

Power Yoga (2): yoga high lightening toning and strengthening poses

Qiqong (1)–Chinese system of exercises that are forms of moving meditations. Helps improve circulation, flexibility, balance & stamina.

Step +  (2): introduces alternated sets of interval training along with your regular Step workout. So not only do you get the advantage of aerobic exercise, you’ll get the added benefit of an interval training routine that challenges your body to a new level of fitness.

SS Classic (1): hosted by Silver Sneakers, this is a

muscle, strength, and range of motion class.

SS Chair Yoga (1): the gentlest form of yoga done using a chair for sitting or keeping balance

Spinning (1-3): high intensity cardiovascular workout on a stationary bicycle

Step (2): 1/2 hour summer step class with concentration on hips, thighs and glutes.

Street Smart Aerobics (1-2): A hybrid course for 45 minutes developed to combine the art of Self Defense techniques into Aerobic movement and workout.

T-25 (3)- It’s a full-body workout in 25 minutes. With zero rest. Focus Interval Training works every muscle group in your body—one after the other—then it works it again. It’s short. It’s sweaty. But after 25 minutes, it’s done

Toning Class (2): workout is focused on core strength,

stability, arms and legs!

Tops: Take off pounds sensibly, weekly support group for weight loss-fees applies. Meets Thursday’s @ 7:30pm in Red Meeting Room

Trainer: Q&A in fitness room! Walkthrough and informational tour of the fitness room for 30 minutes.

Workout Warrior (3+)– A 30 MINUTE H.I.I.T. CLASS. Class will be for the early riser who wants to get a healthy start on their day. Combination of interval, circuit, plyometric and bodyweight exercises. HIGH INTENSITY CLASS

Y@H (1-2): Young at Heart classes are low impact cardio and strength training classes, good for all levels of fitness.

Yoga (1 –2) Emphasis is placed on core strength, flexibility & balance, as well as concentration & breath control.

Zumba (2): Dance exercise with fast tempo Latin and music.

Zumba Gold (1-2): Dance exercise with slower tempo.